Key Information:


Albert Johnson

The Mad Trapper

Location Found:

Rat River, Yukon

Date Found:

February 17, 1932

Date of Death:

At time found


30 - 45




White, Scandinavian

Hair Colour:


Eye Colour:



5'9 - 5'10


150 - 175lbs



Additional Information:

Slight Scandinavian accent

DNA suggests he was either from Scandinavia or America

Severe scoliosis

One foot longer than other

Sophisticated dental work

32 kidney pills

Canadian and American cash

Jar with pearls

Jar with gold teeth (not his own)

.22 Winchester rifle

Dental / DNA:


Circumstances of Finding:

RCMP arrived at Albert Johnson's cabin after receiving complaints about his poaching the Gwich'in First Nation's (some sources use the French Name Loucheux) traps. Upon arriving, Johnson wounded one of the officers with a gun. The RCMP withdrew and visited a second time with reinforcements. This lead to a 15 hour stand off with Johnson before the RCMP blew up his cabin. Johnson escaped on food. He was on the run for seven weeks in temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius before being shot and killed by the RCMP. The chase resulted in another two RCMP officers injured and a third killed by Johnson. This case was the first to use air search to apprehend a criminal in Canada.

After these events people came forward to say that Albert Johnson spoke in a slight Scandinavian accent and said he had come to Rat River from the prairies. In his possession was both Canadian and American money.

Circumstances of Death:

Albert Johnson was shot by RCMP after a seven week manhunt.

Map and Location:

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Crime Stoppers: 1(800) 222-8477

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