Key Information:


Bowmanville Jane Doe

Clarington Jane Doe

Location Found:

Bowmanville, Ontario. Near the Darlington Nuclear Plant off of Highway 401

Date Found:

October 27, 2006

Date of Death:

Between 1980-2004


18-25 yo




Mixed African and Southeast Asian, previously believed to be caucasian or Indigenous. Possible Caribbean ties based on genetic genealogy

Hair Colour:


Eye Colour:







Gold, 9.5 size ring with a red garnet stone centered between two diamonds, a digital Omni brand watch with a stainless-steel band, and a multi-coloured hooded t-shirt from the brand Blue Rodeo

Additional Information:

Nasal fracture with signs of surgery, prominent upper teeth, multiple back molar fillings, possible anemia

Dental / DNA:


Circumstances of Finding:

Bowmanville Jane Doe was found in a marshy field near Darlington Nuclear Plant by a man harvesting dogwood plants. The field was near South Service and Holt Road and was the closest stop off the eastbound exit of Hwy. 401.

In the area where Bowmanville Jane Doe was found a gold, size 9.5 ring with a red garnet stone centered between two diamonds was also found and believed to belong to Jane Doe. The ring was likely sold from family-run Burns Jewellers (open between 1923 to 1994) due to 'Burns' being stamped inside of the ring. The ring was manufactured in Toronto by A&A Manufacturing. Also near Jane Doe was a digital Omni brand watch with a stainless-steel band that would only have been sold between 1981 and 1983 at a Consumers Distributing store.

In the area there was a colourful t-shirt with a hood from brand Blue Rodeo and grey track pants with elastic cuff. The Blue Rodeo brand was sold at Tip Top Tailors around 1995-1996 until the Canadian Band Blue Rodeo claimed copyright for the name. Also found was a red heart and a bit of red ribbon.

Circumstances of Death:

Bowmanville Jane Doe's cause of death is unknown but due to the remote location investigators believe her death is suspicious.

Map and Location:

If you have any information about Saskatoon Jane Doe please contact:

Durham Regional Police Service: 1(905) 579-1520 ext. 5319

OPP Ontario Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains: 1(877) 934-6363

Crime Stoppers: 1(800) 222-8477

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