Key Information:


Grand Rapids John Doe
Hotel check-in: Deuong Cheron
Bus ticket: Dung
Prescription: Sang Dae Park

Location Found:

Northbrook Inn Motel,
Grand Rapids, Manitoba

Date Found:

May 9, 2003

Date of Death:

May 9, 2003


30-50 yo




Korean, some sources say Chinese

Hair Colour:


Eye Colour:







Green polo shirt,

Beige Docker pants,

Brown leather belt,

Green St. John's Bay bomber jacket.

Brown shoes,

Small black bag

Additional Information:

Scar on the left forearm

Scar on left index finger

Dental / DNA:

Dental available

Circumstances of Finding:

Cleaning staff found John Doe deceased in a chair in his motel room at 6:00 pm.

John Doe checked into the Northbrook Inn Motel under the name Deuong Cheron, bought a bus ticket under the name Dung, but a prescription herbal pill bottle in his possession had the name Sang Dae Park ( 박상대 ) on it in Korean writing.

The South Korean Embassy assisted in trying to identify the man by running his name and fingerprints through their system but with no matches. In South Korea, all people must submit their fingerprints at age 18, suggesting that John Doe was either not from South Korea or moved away from South Korea during his childhood.

Circumstances of Death:

John Doe died by suicide by hanging. He had traveled by bus that originated in Winnipeg but had recently been from Thompson, Manitoba to Grand Rapids before checking into the Northbrook Inn Motel either in the early morning hours at 3:30 am or in the mid-afternoon at 3:30 pm.

If you or someone you know are struggling with thoughts of suicide please reach out to the Canada Suicide Prevention Services at 1(833) 456-4566 or to the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 686868

Map and Location:

If you have any information about Grand Rapids John Doe please contact:

RCMP D Division, Missing and Exploited Persons Unit: 1(204) 983-6055

Crime Stoppers: 1(800) 222-8477

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