Key Information:


Madame Victoria
Montréal Jane Doe

Location Found:

Park/parking lot near Allen Memorial Institute, Montréal, Québec

Date Found:

June 13, 2001

Date of Death:

Two years prior


50-70 yo





Hair Colour:

Black with

grey strands

Eye Colour:





Unknown but

likely heavy


Green scrub type Angelica brand shirt

Green scrub type pants with elastic waist band

Size 8 white and purple sneakers

Additional Information:

Full upper and lower denture

Moved around Ontario and Québec seven times in the four years leading up to her death

Dental / DNA:


Circumstances of Finding:

A motorist found Victoria Doe's skull in the parking lot of the Allan Memorial Institute. Later, investigators found the rest of the remains in the park uphill from the parking lot. It is believed that weather caused the skull to move into the parking lot.

The clothes she was found in are ones worn by workers at Allan Memorial Institute. There are two possibilities: either Victoria Doe worked at the psychiatric hospital or was given the clothes by staff. Staff reported that it was not uncommon to give spare uniforms to people who were homeless when they had no clothes of their own. Investigators ruled out any workers that were in the hospital during 2000 as being Victoria Doe.

Circumstances of Death:

Much about Victoria Doe's death is unknown, but investigators suspect she was seriously ill, possibly with cancer, at the time of her death.

Map and Location:

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SPVM: 1(514) 393-1133

Crime Stoppers: 1(800) 222-8477

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